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300 hour ( 100hr Add On) fully Certified Yoga Diploma Teacher Training Course

See Experienced to 500hr Senior Yoga Teacher Training

We teach happy Hatha, Transformational and Vinyasa Flow Yoga for all ages to keep fit in body, mind and soul. With non-religious but wonderfully simple, spiritual programs.


Additional insight to any Foundation  Training  Program for those not quite ready to move to Experienced or  Senior training.

Our 5 Module 200hr Program is progressed and made available so all GGYC Hatha Yoga basics of asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra and bandha in this 100hr Add On Course are evolved. ( The cost of these can be incorporated into  Experienced / 500hr Training if you know you want to advance over time to the Senior Levels).


Further development of Asana the Story of Yoga, its philosophy, theory and history, with more Kundalini Tantra and Psychic Physiology of Chakras and Nadis, and sound with a little more Sanskrit terminology.

This 100hr extra hours is layered on top of Foundation study and  specially designed as a Stepping Stone course to allow extra time to relax a little with the material from Foundation, and remain part of the training groups. Graduates better observe the Foundation program from a fresh perspective and layer understanding.

Graduates of 200hr Foundation Programs from around the world can now undergo this  Live or Virtually ( since 2020). Offering professional and personal development, personal mentoring, specific teaching methodology -Principles of Demonstration, observation, and learning processes are clearly set out and defined. Foundation graduates will also cover basic Yoga  business principles and insight with use of prepared  Templates and resources.

Three GGYC 200hr Training Manuals are provided and built on for the Add on and Senior Levels. Vast ‘GGYC My Learning Yoga Online Resources of Audio and live recordings are also made available from current and GGYC Online Legacy work from 2017 onward.

Hatha, Transformational Yoga as well as Restorative and Vinyasa Flow styles are compared and refined. This enables a wide perspective and a ‘Freedom to Choose’ mindset and students are encouraged to explore without the limitations of being tied to any particular school or style of yoga or religious concept. GGYC programs honor the origins of Yoga from India.

We seek to continuously improve our programs and yet offer a continuity of delivery and understanding for students.

Fees –  A 300hr Add On GGYC Hatha Transformational and Vinyasa Flow Diploma Program is an addon course available to qualified 200 hr Graduates – from €800 ( Early Bird) for a minimum of 10 days of study including 300hr YAI Diploma Certification. GGYC Teacher Training Prospectus 2023 2024 Live and Online Ireland & UK

This 10 days minimum requirement can be acquired over any course running during a 6- 12 month period

GGYC Golden Glow Yoga College,

Benefits of Yoga Mediation

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