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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Foundation Courses Ireland and UK

We teach happy Hatha, Transformational and Vinyasa Flow Yoga for all ages to keep fit in body, mind and soul. With non-religious, wonderfully simple, spiritual programs.

  • GGYC Yoga Teacher Training Courses are our speciality!  200 hour Foundation and follow on 300 (100) hour Diploma, can lead to  Experienced to 500hr Senior Teacher Training Courses over time. You may simply want to upskill you own practice or evolve a career path.
  • Book an appointment to chat over your options today. Dr Sri Radha’s Diary Link to book a free 15 min call back.
  • 5 Star Bundle of Benefits are standard. These enable students to visit for up to 1-2 years on the weekend courses and other intensive courses inclusive. Discounts for workshops and retreats that are running during the training year.
  • 200hr, 300hr and 500hr  Yoga Teacher Training Certifications – 11 Weekends over 10 months are available from both Penryn in Cornwall Exeter in Devon and in Galway and Cork Ireland and by zoom virtual platform.
  • 200hr,  300hr, and 500hr Intensive Learning Yoga Teacher Training Certifications run from 3 to 4 weeks of study Monday to Thursday with additional access to Online Resources and access to other trainings with us included as standard. 
  • Fees and  Instalment options available. See 
  • Early Bird rate of €2200.00( you may pay £1800 .00 by Sterling on our Store too)  now available for all courses This must be paid no later than one month before the course starts. Easy Instalment payments are also available Costs of full fees are €2500.00 /£2000.00 St 
  • The Foundation 200hr Course can lead to the GGYC YAI Steppingstone 300 hour Diploma Course  This is an additional 100 hour 5 weekend (or 10 day minimum on Intensives ) course available for those who are already 200 hour trained teachers with us or any other Training Organization. An exciting opportunity to have extra time to  up-skill your stretches and yoga study with Dr Sri Radha!
  • Call us on WhatsApp UK +44 (0)79 34313386 to chat over your options.

What to expect200hr Foundation Courses

  • 3 Hard Copy Full colour GGYC Manuals  are provided.
  • Training is divided into 5 Training Modules and we layer our training, so you can continue to visit as a guest for free in an going training year.
  • You will need to purchase the 5 Mandatory Training  Books  in advance 

Module 1 Personal and Professional and Module 5 Physical Body set the frame and provide structure for the 3 additional Modules ( See above). We examine the Physical Emotional Pranic Body, the Mental Body and the Psychic Body of the Wisdom Mind using elements and chakras.  We allow ourselves time to consider these concepts and honour the work of great Masters and Sages as we learn our basics and encourage our growth and progression.

  • Examinations for these courses are kept to a minimum however we ask for a 3000- 5000 Thesis and Open Book Exam and 60 minute Final Asana Assessment.  We only have small numbers on courses and do so in particular so to be able to keep close contact with the inquiring minds of student teachers along their path. Development and awareness is gauged by continual assessment, feedback through Mentoring and short Online Quizzes.

All our Foundation Courses  have 100hr  Module 5 Physical Body program. This includes a variety of study– including Asana, at Hatha, Transformational and Vinyasa Flow levels, for Beginners, Improvers and Intermediate levels. Our basics include  pranayama, mantra, mudra and bandha, shatkarmas and kriya. This is balanced by four other modules of 25hrs each. These give opportunity to examine Yoga philosophy, theory and history of yoga, as well as yoga anatomy and physiology. Students undergo both professional and personal development, which includes teaching skills and yoga business principles.

200hr 300hr and 500hr Students are mentored individually and the annual timetable available for them form any region. You can  mix and match your course as long as you complete the required hours and syllabus for each level.

Choose from –

200hr Yoga Teacher Training Winter Weekends –  A huge range of weekends to choose from. Accessible live and virtually. 

 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Courses – Three annual training options – sometimes more. February, June, and November are our standard programs. 

TAKING BOOKINGS FOR NOW for September 2024 -June 2025  11 Weekend Courses available in both Ireland and the UK. 

Early Bird Investment Fee: 2,200 / (£1800.00) -must be paid no later than one month before the course begins
Full Investment Fee: 2,500/ (£2100.00 Instalment options also available over up to 8 months. 

You can secure your place by payment of the €500.00 /£400.00 Registration fee. 

Book early and save.

Pay by instalments to ease the costs of training if it suits you 

  • Live / Virtual Options TAKING BOOKINGS NOW please book a Free Chat on our Diary Link  call or WhatsApp +44 (0) 7934313386 or complete our Contact page for a Call back.

 By training with Golden Glow Yoga College, you will have the advantage of being part of a small group with a large extended family. This is designed to best allow you to gradually build your confidence and establish your own style and rhythm using methodology from GGYC created to reflect both classic and contemporary style. The structured influence from Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance Professionals  and Yoga Alliance International within GGYC has created a blended learning geared to Hatha basics, Transformational Yoga system, and Vinyasa flow insight. The Core principles of training are clearly set out in our Three Training Manuals.

​Our training encourages an awakening of possibility  and focuses in particular on creating a deeper awareness of the four bodies and five beings of the physical, panic, mental, psychic and the spiritual. Transformational Yoga uses Kundalini tantra insights and aims to awaken understanding of all five bodies and the seven chakra points in order to experience a continuous state of physical health and stamina, emotional balance, higher mental guidance, unconditional love, faith and spiritual bliss consciousness.

Transformational Yoga is an integral yoga system that goes far beyond just physical exercise. While offering a complete approach to well-being, it takes into account physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health. This is a glorious, diverse approach and we enjoy filtering its wisdom, with a basis of respect for Sri Aurobindo alongside  the work of Sri T Krishnamacharya and his gifted students, including the late B.K.S. Iyengar, Shri K.  Pattabhi Jois, Indra Devi and Vanda Scarvelli.

GGYC trainings functions on a deeper level to stimulate kundalini energy through hatha and tantra practices to move through the chakras, purifying and awakening awareness for more conscious living.

From March 2020 we moved all courses online and so are also accessible through virtual platforms.

Our training will continue to be live as often as possible and fully interactive with Sri Radha virtually, ensuring you the same quality training experience with flexibility and choice.

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