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Benefits of Yoga Meditation
Benefits of Yoga Meditation - Yoga for Menopause for Women Part 1
Benefits of Yoga Meditation - Yoga for Menopause Part 1
Golden Glow Yoga College
Grand Master Dr Sri Radha Sharon
Menopausal Yoga
Understanding Hindu Goddesses
Why Golden Glow Yoga College
Menopause for Me – Managing Change through Yoga

Menopause for Me – Managing Change through Yoga

From Dr Sri Radha Sharon

…As a Yogi, I am on the mat or cushion every day. Be it to stretch, mediate, chant, pray. I’m either doing my own self-study, or sharing with others,  listening, observing us all as both teachers and students.  All around, I am a Yogi through and through, and I was long before I ever understood the title or had the remotest interest in it.

I have taught Yoga Teachers now for many years and spend many hours studying and helping the GGYC  yogic community to help itself.

I’m a little older now but because its so topical at present I decided to take a trip down memory lane about my own menopause journey to see if it might help others chill a little, stay on track and not lose faith or focus too much. Too much– I love that term.

  At the height of the strangeness that was  Menopause for me, it often felt Too Much.


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