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Menopause for Me

Managing Change through Yoga

I created  this GGYC  Short Course for Menopause to keep you company daily over this strange time of Change. I do not advocate anything other than Yoga because that’s what I know, That and my own experience. We do not give medical  advice on this.

These hours on the Course are the Routines and Daily Yogic habits, Breathing Practices, Gentle and Manageable Yoga Physical Practices and Yoga Nidra for Relaxation, Acceptance and Focus that you can repeat for yourself over and over in your own time. I’m happy to walk along the road a little with you.

Each course comes with a complimentary gift card for a 30 min 1-1 Pranayama Consultation for you of 5 Pranas with one of our Senior Yogis.

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Dr Sri Radha Sharon O’Neill BCL Hon Ph.D. Yoga

Are you experiencing a move toward Menopause?

Helpful Daily Habits from GGYC

My Yoga – Peri Menopausal Women

A Practical 7 Hour GGYC Yoga Short Course OnLine.

Menopausal Yoga

  From Sri Radha Sharon …As a Yogi, I am on the mat or cushion every day. Be it to stretch, mediate, chant, pray. I’m either doing my own self-study, or sharing with others,  listening, observing us all as both teachers and students.  All around, I am a Yogi through and through, and I was long before I ever understood the title or had the remotest interest in it. I have taught Yoga Teachers now...

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