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10-11am Wednesday Virtual Golden Glow Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga with 10 min wind-down for Beginners

What to expect? A good 20 min warm up therapy divided into our Happy Back Sets 1 and 2 Programs for awakening the spine, limbs, neck and head.  Variations from three standing sets, prone, seated, supine work with a variety of simple to more complex back bending options followed by a short winddown. The asana sets for our Power of Three Programs ( postures) have 10 optimal set sequences with progressive changes in every class to continually evolve. Our authentic observations of simple truths help us remain free  in mind, body and spirit.

Set yourself up at home so you can stretch out on you mat. Aim to let the reward of asana set the tone so you can continue on after your class with some meditation time if at all possible. Have a blanket to wrap around you and a comfortable cushion to sit on.

Maybe you want to iron out a few glitches or step up your range of Yoga understanding. We can help you  personalize content from the Yoga Teacher training On line Resources made to measure for you own needs. Maybe  Asana modifications and adjustments are a favorite topic for these 50 minutes session which are specially designed to help you get the most of your body, mind and soul practice of Yoga

We set out to have a fun and enjoyable time learning what makes your world go round and ho we can help that to go as smoothly as possible.

Setting up your mat on the first visit can take a few minutes. Once that’s done and your camera and sound are sorted you are good to go!

Maybe you want to improve your own techniques or need help to stay motivated at home. Whether you sharpening your yoga edge or just need some down time this is 50 minutes to focus your mind on body and soul with me, Sri Radha on whatever feels right for you. Improve your yoga practice technique or utilize its therapeutic benefits for recovery and repair.

Did you know – Yoga boosts the immune system, can help diabetics control their systems, delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, improve workplace productivity. Systematic review of test results  suggest it is also particularly good as helping positive outcomes for those suffering with OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, those with lower back pain, and help reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

Thinking of doing a Yoga Teacher training Course ? Book a free 15 minutes call to chat over your options. Join us for live / virtual classes these Golden Glow Hatha / Vinyasa Flow classes – All Welcome



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