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GGYC Claddagh What is Yoga ?Advanced Study Certification of Yoga for Wellbeing 50 hours


What is GGYC Claddagh Yoga ? A blend of all the best bits of Yoga. Honouring its roots in India These  Restorative and Gentle Hatha and Flows mirror the easier programs taken from our Famous Five Modules used in Yoga Teacher Training Courses We call it Our GGYC Legacy work.

Many of our trainings are upgraded annually but this Course  is going to go on and on and on.  Some things really don’t  need to change !    With taste of Irish humour and a chance to be on the inside track this is a whizz of a Course for a bit of a giggle and some well deserved nurturing. Sign up today! You won’t look back.


Been locked up a little too long ? Exam Stress, Teenage blues, Menopausal or just feeling your age? This is for Everyone regardless of sex, age, colour or creed. 
Ever been in a Yoga Class or looking at people stretch or meditating online and wished you could learn a bit more.
Never been to a class before but want to know more ? If a Yoga Teacher Training Commitment isn't for you but you want a feeling of a relaxed yogic  community then this is the course for you. 
This prerecorded Course has fifty hours of scrummy Legacy Teacher Training quality content with additional support step by step program which gives you a 30 minutes 1-1 with Sri Radha Sharon with every 10 hours completed.
Quizzes and checklists to help you along.
Remember you will have a TEams Channel Assigned to you and you can keep in to with our Claddagh Community there an on our Facebook Gruops. You can supplement your self study by checking in and being Mentored along the way, all included .
The GGYC Claddagh Yoga Program has been specially  put together to help refocus our minds and bodies after the Covid Lockdowns and difficulties isn't a path you need to walk alone !
Extra focus on Breathing and Relaxation as well as plenty of Myth Busting and Facts to help you understand What is Yoga ? much more quickly than by reading alone. 
 A brilliant steppingstone to increase your range of Yogic and Self understanding.
  1. GGYC Claddagh Recovery and Restorative Class Program of Yoga Nidras are also included for the year to help you increase your understanding of this vast subject.
  2. Progressive  program spread over up 12 Months if you wish and yours to keep. 
  3. Over 50 hours of simple basics are there for  for you from My Learning GGYC Yoga  On-Line Resources.
  4. Much of the delightful practices  that are often not practiced in mainstream yoga classes.
  5. A certificate of Completion is awarded.
  6. We will organize 5 -x30 minute One to One’s for you as part of your program One session ever 10 Hours 
  7. With your free Claddagh Yoga Year long subscription included as standard 
  8. You can add extra private time at reduced rates if you so wish. 
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