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You have been my light and a true inspiration through your teachings, honesty and heartfulness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Taking part in the Golden Glow Yoga Teacher Training this past year has been extremely enjoyable and an inspirational experience. I looked forward to every training weekend as the atmosphere and vibe of the course is very encouraging. Sharon makes you feel at ease about the content and flow of movement being learnt and is very supportive about going forward after graduating. You are taught to find your own personal yogic teaching style which is very refreshing! I would recommend this course to anyone interested in yoga whether it’s going on to teach or to simply have yoga in their life in another discipline.

Samantha Clair

Galway 2018

Sharon, thank you! You have always been an inspiration..I am so grateful.

Evelyn Moloney

Cork & Galway 2018

Thank you so much. It was a true honour to be in your company and to gain the knowledge you shared.

Esther Leahy


Your friendship has rewarded us with love, understanding and support. Thank you!!

Graduation Class


Thank you for sharing your treasure of knowledge with us! I really enjoyed each minute of this course.

Thais Sousa

Galway 2018

Have loved every second. Thank you for such an amazing experience and all the love and support.

Magz O'Neill Fox

Galway 2018

Its been a wonderful learning experience. Thanks!

Paul Conlon

Galway 2018

I attended a one-to-one yoga therapy session with Sri Radha in October 2017. She worked with me in teaching me some simple yoga postures that I could use to help increase mobility in my shoulder and chest. For 7 years since a bicycle accident where I suffered a lot of damage to the rotator cuff, I have had recurring pain, sometimes to the extent that I have needed to take time off work and take anti-inflammatories. I experienced some form of pain or discomfort on a daily basis.

I have been practicing these new exercises during my yoga practice but also simply while watching TV etc and have found that they have made a huge difference.

I feel that my shoulder is looser and particularly across my chest has loosened out to the extent that I can now breathe easily and deeply for the first time in years. That was achievable after just one session. I am now equipped with some simple tools to help myself to strengthen and release the muscles.

I can’t recommend Sri Radha highly enough as a very experienced yoga therapist and also as a very interesting and engaging woman to talk to and spend time with. For anyone familiar in dealing with recurring and energy-sapping pain, I think a visit to Sri Radha may very well change your life!

Siobhan Cunningham

Galway 2017

Thank you so much for everything you have done this year..kind words..encouragement..I will cherish every moment.

Fionnuala Doyle Wade

Galway 2017

You told me this would be a life changing experience and it truly has been!

Susie Ford

Cork 2017

Your friendship has rewarded us with love, understanding and support. Thank you!

Graduation Class 2017-2018

Thank you for opening my world to What can be.


Graduation Class 2017-2018

Thank you so much for an amazing year – You are our light!


Graduation Class 2017-2018

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Graduation Class 2017-2018

Thank you for changing my life.


Graduation Class 2017-2018

You are an inspiration as a woman, mother and a teacher. Heartfelt thanks.

Marianne Kennedy

Graduation Class 2016-2017

Thanks for everything. You are a beautiful teacher.


Graduation Class 2016-2017

I have experienced and discovered things I never thought possible. Thank you for helping me find my path.

Jessica Divine

Graduation Class 2016-2017

Thank you for all your love and support. You are an amazing teacher and I’ve learned so much from you.

Aine McDonagh

Graduation Class 2016-2017

Thank you so much for enlightening me! It’s been wonderful.


Thank you so much for an amazing experience. This has really been life changing.


I feel so blessed to have met you and grateful our paths met. A fabulous experience. Most memorable.

Lorraine Cummins

Thanks for the kindness and the Cert! Enjoyed the weeks. I feel all Yogi’d up!

Conor Graham

Thanks for all your training. I am so happy to have attended this course.


Its been such a unique and memorable month…I’m so glad we met.

Danielle Harney

Thanks for all your inspiration and guidance.

Riona Heneghan

You are a wonderful teacher. It is such a joy and privilege to study with you.

Ruby Wallis

Golden Glow Yoga College is based in Ireland. It was created to help teach happy Hatha, Transformational and Vinyasa Flow Yoga to an urban population. We help all ages keep fit in body, mind and soul. We run non-religious but wonderfully simple, spiritual programs.

All are very welcome!

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