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Hatha, Transformational and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Retreats for Fun and 200hr 300hr 500hr Yoga Teacher Training Options

Ireland, UK and Gran Canarias Retreats 2021 2022

    A great way to ease into the programs developed at GGYC. Approach these as either a fun break to relax and learn or to build up Teacher training hours.  

Booking now for – 

Option 1 20-27th August 2021 Falmouth Cornwall UK. Complete 

Option 2 4th -11th September 2021 Galway Ireland  Complete 

Option 3 6th – 13th November 2021 Las Palmas Gran  Canaria Canary Islands Spain Taking bookings now  

Option 4 8th – 15th January 2022 Gran Canarias Taking Bookings now  

Short/ long up to one Week long Fun Yoga Retreats

in Ireland,  Cornwall UK and Grand Canaria Spain. Include options for additional sight seeing. 

Or book Teacher Only Retreat Options. Same dates – Professional parallel programs running – with Dr Sri Radha running the Teacher Training program. 

Due to the uncertain nature of travel due to the Covid Restrictions in 2020 and 2021 we have moved all training online. However you are now able to join us in person or online going forward to suit your own timetables and movement capacity.  

These programs go way and above the standard rates of many yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings around the world and we are very pleased to talk your through your training options.

You may wish to attend one, two or more weeks over the months or years to complete a  TTC  or attend additional weeks in the future post graduation  with us  in Ireland, Cornwall or in Gran Canaria Spain . Each Retreat is varied and designed to keep things fresh and new. All retreat full board guests are provided with plant based  meals x 3 daily.

Can I attend any Retreat ?

Yes if you are already a Yoga Teacher. If you are not one already you can attend a GGYC Yoga Fun Retreat or sign up to GGYC Yoga Teacher Training Course with us to be eligible for Full Retreat access and benefit from reduced fees.

Can I use Retreats to help boost my Yoga Teacher Training Skills ?

Yes no problem!

1) Either Start Your Yoga Teacher Training with us by attending GGYC Retreats for Yoga Teachers  as a Student Teacher and have our Team tailor a  Retreat  Based Yoga Teacher Training Program created just for you.  We do this using a mixture of training options from GGYC.  Costs are the same for any TTC just divided over the Retreat weeks instead.

2) Or improve your skills by adding on on these extra hours and have soem great times with like minded people in beautiful venues.  Remenber Our 5 Star Benefits Package is given to all teachers training  – This option also gives you access to up to 22 Weekends online Live, My Learning Yoga Online Access and the private work required.

How does that work ?

Very simply – You can book Private sessions and pay for them as you go or as part of a package. We set you up online and you will be amazed how much progress you will make.

As we run summer Mid Week Yoga Teacher Training Intensives to cater for  200hr,  300hr and 500hr Yoga Teachers in  Training you can visit them online too .

Teachers in training and Graduates can add in extra experience and training hours by attending Retreats for Fun or Yoga Teacher only Training Retreats.  You can build up your course hours one Yoga Teacher Training retreat at a time as you wish! If you are on one one our our Yoga Teacher Training Courses you are welcome  to attend any retreat and receive the instraction. You may make a donation only to the costs of tuition and provide  your own accommodation and meals or purchase an accommodation and  meal package with us.

We tailor training programs to suit. Each course includes Module 5 Physical Body Focus of Hatha, Transformational Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. We take a morning and evening Physical Practice of  asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), simple mantra and highly regarded meditation techniques daily.

Our Retreat Courses Options give you  two very different styles  so everyone can have an opportunity to train with us at a study level to suit them.  Lets be honest some people don’t want to do yoga all day long !

All our course work comes from our three GGYC Yoga Teacher training Manuals but Retreat work is different.

As the Senior YAP Yoga Teacher Training programs require considerable hours of practice and experience we simply encourage you to spend quality time with us. Our 500hr Senior Course is a very special qualification -growing on for a Foundation of 200hr or 100hr Addon ( 300hr ) graduate.

We offer that stepping Stone approach because people learn at different rates and in different ways. Our GGYC Power of Three Yoga Program of Hatha, and Vinyasa Flow give a contrast to  The SriMa Transformational Yoga program.

At Senior Level – You will learn  how to assist Foundation Yoga Teachers in training to practice and teach others excellent Hatha and Vinyasa Flow classes, develop workshops and gain a personal  high level of competency in all Five Modules of Study offered by GGYC . For us its all about layering. So we simple give all our Senior Teachers in training access to our Foundation Course so they can come up to speed on the roots of GGYC in a manageable way. Retreats echo that spirit.  It takes time to grow knowledge and capacity.  Courses are organized using a special  specific focus of  one particular Module daily  in addition to the Physical Body Module 5 Programs.

All GGYC Retreats for Fun are also extremely well mentored, organized and varied. This is a different approach to take account of the holiday type atmosphere  whilst  giving students excellent instruction in the wider aspects of yoga.  Adequate rest, reflection and personal practice time is arranged on both the weekends and weekdays as appropriate. You are free to arrange your own accommodation to suit your own lifestyle in our Retreat locations or avail of our chosen hotel accommodate

Our courses are YAP Fully accredited. See our testimonials page for student reviews over the years. For even more reviews please check our page on Facebook.

Frequently asked Questions – –

Q. I’m already a 200hr Foundation Level 1 Yoga Teacher but I’m not sure I’m ready yet for Senior Training. I’m looking to  up-skill and get more experience of being part of and managing groups. Will the Teacher Only Retreat give me more skills or is it just for fun ?

Its a good healthy balanced course with clearly defined learning outcomes for Graduates and core competency’s. You will have fun but you will also learn a lot.

– Why not check out our 300hr Add on Yoga Teacher Training options Online. Our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification allows you to teaching in gyms, schools, or to corporate however  Pregnancy and Children’s and Teens modifications are included as standard.  If you wish to avail of Specialist  Training with Post Graduate Courses from September 2021  check out our  GGYC Yoga for Teens and  GGYC Yoga for Menopause and GGYC Yoga for Pregnancy 28 hour certified Courses.

Up- skill and spend time with some great people in our community hubs. You can add to your own completed 200hr qualifications with a 300hr GGYC Diploma, over the course of a September to June (minimum 11 weekend option required ) or January to December ( 11 Weekends ) or Mid week trainings covered over a 7 day minimum over two weeks or by visiting a GGYC Yoga Teacher Training  Retreat.

Remember, We have a vast range of on Line My Learning Resources  for each of our five modules with a post grad study focus of your choice  included as optional. All our Course members are given access to the 5 Star Benefits Package so you can visit us whenever you can during your initial training year with minimal additional costs. ( Ts and Cs apply ) .

​Our 500hr Hatha and Vinyasa flow program absolutely overflows with insight and can be completed over a two year program where you complete a log your practice hours and experience and add on the 500hr curriculum from GGYC.

Dr Sri Radha and our GGYC Team will be delighted to help guide you and help you make the best decision for you.
Please call us on +353 (0) 85 7151321 or email us on our contact page to make that happen.


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