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Benefits of Yoga Meditation
Benefits of Yoga Meditation - Yoga for Menopause for Women Part 1
Benefits of Yoga Meditation - Yoga for Menopause Part 1
Golden Glow Yoga College
Grand Master Dr Sri Radha Sharon
Menopausal Yoga
Understanding Hindu Goddesses
Why Golden Glow Yoga College

Yoga For Children and Teens


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TEETEETEEN 8.-1GGYC Classes for Teens beginning in September 2019
(from 8-15 yrs )

 GGYC Online Live Classes from 8-16 years of age every Thursday and then available as recordings from 5pm-6pm.  €10 per Class or 10 Classes for €90.

Teens are also welcome to attend mainstream classes with their parents upon request. We also offer family private workshops at €150 per 90 minute session.

​Teach them to bend so then they don’t break ! A Life Saver …. Golden Glow Yoga Teen Classes are a great way to help your youngsters reduce the tension in their lives. Read more

Teens Classes
(8-16 years)

​School visits our pleasure.
Group rates.
Booking essential.

Yoga for Teen Classes with Sri Radha Sharon are fun!

Non Competitive and yet a bit of a challenge, Teens love to be able to discover  themselves their own strengths. Youngsters thrive with gentle encouragement. An awareness of some simple breath awareness and mindfulness concepts.

Golden Glow Yoga College is based in Ireland. It was created to help teach happy Hatha, Transformational and Vinyasa Flow Yoga to an urban population. We help all ages keep fit in body, mind and soul. We run non-religious but wonderfully simple, spiritual programs.

All are very welcome!

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