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Golden Glow Yoga College Terms and Conditions

Addressing Live virtual studios – GGYC Claddagh Yoga Programs. All clients must complete an Enrolment Form for any interactive training. GGYC Retreats and GGYC Yoga Teacher training Programs have additional Contracts.


Online Programs – Practice Environment and suitability of class level.

1.1   Golden Glow Yoga College hereafter referred to as GGYC, has now adjusted all trainings information to address the needs of Online Clients. These are divided into groups. Those who access recorded material only, usually via Subscription or GGYC Freestream and those who access both recorded and/or interactive or ‘in person’ live material. The hybrid sessions of Mix and Match are subject to Covid 19 Virus Pandemic Restrictions safety regulations. Live Online may have a degree of interaction with the Teacher. Online Yoga Teacher training Programs, Retreats, Private classes and 1-1 Mentoring sessions are all impacted by Online guidelines and policies. These are addressed herein.

  • All participants, paying clients or members of the public are required to take personal responsibility for their own decision to participate, live, online live and their use of recorded material. An adult is deemed to have capacity to give informed consent and likewise understand the essence of theft. Every individual taught is deemed as having the best personal knowledge of their own medical conditions and right of choice over the suitability of practice. Therefore, everyone is allowed chose their own class level including GGYC Yoga is not recommended in the first 12 weeks or so of gestation, GGYC Pregnancy classes are recommended.
  • Please consult a qualified medical, health care professional before beginning any GGYC Yoga Teacher Training, or GGYC Claddagh Yoga Program online. This or any other exercise must be safe. Best practice recommendations are to apply caution especially if you suffer from a chronic or congenital condition, have suffered a serious injury or have received care for a disability or mental or physical illness.
  • We require clients ensure their physical practice is neither exhausting or Over stimulation is to be discouraged.
  • Not all exercises are suitable for everybody and this or any other exercise program may potentially result in injury for which the user must assume the Consult your doctor


before beginning. The yoga and general instructions given are in no way intended as a substitute for medical guidance. The creators of the GGYC programs shall not be held liable personally or professionally for any liabilities or loss suffered in connection with the guidance given.

  • The Physical practice environment should be deemed sensible, and clients should ensure they do not pose any risk of injury to themselves, the client or others in using said Clients should minimize risk of injury, incident, or accident. They should only complete physical exercise practices, of an appropriate level, in an appropriate manner, using caution around potential hazards. Apply caution around wall hangings, mirrors, nearby stairs, open window, balconies, cliffs, doors opening etc. This list is not exhaustive. Please apply caution.
  • GGYC is not accountable or responsible for the chosen practice area or level of study chosen and will not be held liable for any injury or accidents resulting from participation in our virtual, recorded or live programs. All students participate at their own discretion. Recommendations for levels of study are simply that and no liability shall be forthcoming to any GGYC Director, Teacher or staff member or contractor. We require participants to appreciate no encouragement is given to over-extend beyond comfortable and steady practices, in any trainings at

2.1  Purchasing and personal use of GGYC services and materials. Changes that may arise due to Online Security necessity.


The public may access free services. Client Passes for Classes or Subscriptions for Membership of GGYC Claddagh Yoga programs at four different levels exists and the GGYC Purchase policy is clear. We will refund 100% of any fees if GGYC requires to cancel a class. GGYC YTTC Contracts for Teacher Training Services include Terms and Conditions for Refunds and payments. The Terms and Conditions as outlined there and herein also apply to GGYC Retreat programs.


  • Clients who have purchased access to GGYC material are requested to refrain from sharing that material i.e. recorded class material unless an additional payment is made to The Client who has purchased the Pass or subscribed to GGYC Membership through either Claddagh or GGYC TTC programs is the only person entitled to view the recorded or live classes and access course material including being present during trainings. The sharing of login details or download codes is not permitted. Anyone accessing classes or workshops, including virtual material, that is identifiable as Goods for Sale, is liable for full payment of fee as set out on the webpage or Store.


  • Clients are requested to respect the right of GGYC to its ownership of its products and When necessary GGYC will prevent and strictly prohibits Clients and the Public from downloading, copying, or recording in any manner, any content or image from any of our GGYC affiliated websites, including written material such as blogs, logos, manuals, live or recorded material from Websites, unless explicit written permission has been granted. Short quotes maybe used.


  • Clients are prohibited from engage in any photography or filming of other clients or teachers including digital copies, of the online class including PowerPoint screens or Zoom or Teams Meeting


Program adjustment and subsequent Cancellation Policy requirements.


3.1 .GGYC reserves the right to adjust Programs offered at any time.


  • GGYC reserves the right to adjust, upgrade or or change the platform for delivery of programs at any Subscription clients will be informed via email and programs adjusted for smooth change over and minimal disruption.


  • GGYC reserves the right to refuse any client access to training. This includes online programs classes or workshops, mentoring or teacher training or retreats. This refusal must not conflict with the standard legal requirement not to engage in racist, or prejudicial


  • Clients must be 18 years or over to attend virtual classes and workshops with GGYC unless otherwise specified or parental permission has been


  • In the unlikely event that an online class is cancelled a full refund will be given or an alternative class will be made available if


  • If online classes, workshops or private classes must be abandoned or interrupted due to exceptional circumstances outside the control of the GGYC there will only be a refund if less than half of the event has been completed.


  • GGYC accepts no responsibility and is not accountable for Force Majeure cancellations, delays, changes or losses caused by acts of God, war, and threat of war, closure of airports, pandemics, epidemics, interrupted train or bus services, civil strife, natural disasters, accidents for any other events beyond their


  • GGYC accepts no responsibility for injuries, illnesses, medical or psychiatric conditions of clients developed during, or subsequent to online classes or


4  Payments

  • All single class passes, and Subscription memberships purchased are non-refundable and non-transferrable. They must be used by the person in whose name the purchase was specified for, at time of purchase and must be used within the expiration


  • GGYC cannot guarantee virtual access to an online workshop through failure of network services however payment will be returned if GGYC has failed to provide the offered service. Full subscription, class or workshop fees must be received in advance or access.


  • GGYC will not be held to offer any discounts or concessions unless it sees fit to do so. No entitlement exists for automatic qualification of concessionary rates or extensions of services These exist purely at the discretion of management.


  • All payments on our Websites are either by electronic via payment portal of Stripe, PayPal or via our Bank Transfer option. All Credit Cards will be processed in Euros at the time of GGYC is not responsible for any fees, charges, exchange rates or additional charges levied by individual financial institutions or Credit Card companies that may be incurred in the purchase of our products.


  • GGYC offers a Monthly Online Claddagh Yoga Covid Recovery and Relaxation Membership: a daily relaxation nidra and gentle class is The first monthly payment instalment of

€9.99 will be charged on date of sign-up and card details retained for monthly subscription fees. The monthly fee of €9.99 will be automatically deducted from the client card for the remaining minimum of 12 months on a rolling basis or until cancelled by the client. Course are detailed on the websites and


  1. Refund Policy for Memberships
    • A Single Monthly Membership is not refundable or transferable between


A Single Pass for any online classes or Workshop is also not refundable unless with Medical cause.


  • Medical Cancellations – Refunds or part refunds for online Monthly Membership fee, single class purchases, private classes or online workshop fees can be considered on medical grounds and are assessed at the Discretion of the Manager or GGYC )whose decision is final. To consider the refund, a medical certificate will be required to be emailed to GGYC Yoga Teacher Training Programs have additional Terms and Conditions applied. Retreat Participants meeting ‘in Person’ have a separate Terms and conditions Policy of their


6.  Privacy Policy and Security of Information

  • Golden Glow Yoga College takes the privacy and security of our clients and their personal information very Only necessary Information is collected. In turn this is used by us to


provide our services to you. The information collected is held privately and is securely stored using Microsoft Office technology and security.


  • Information submitted to GGYC will be shared with administrative staff and teachers solely for the purpose of


  • GGYC will inform all clients with notice in advance, if recordings or photos are going to being taken for any reason. There is no acceptable excuse for this not to occur. Therefore, as we request your verbal permission before any photos of you are taken in our programs, any you are included in are the property of GGYC. Intellectual Property rights notwithstanding. GGYC reserve the right to use all materials we produce with any client in them. No image will have been taken without your consent as it is deemed necessary in order to If you are participating online GGYC reserves the right to use any images or audio collected, as it engages in social media networking, such as Facebook, Instagram etc. GGYC will endeavour to ensure no client is ever embarrassed or held to ridicule in any way as a result of the sharing of our programs to the public, however GGYC cannot be facilitate a client later wish to remove permission unless the image in breach of our GGYC conservative standard.


GGYC will never knowingly share any clients personal information to others unless required to do so by law.


By participating in a GGYC program of any type you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions use of imagery and materials.


Links to or from third parties via any of our websites, is for convenience only and beyond our control. All GGYC owned web site or landing pages are vetted as secure however links outside remain beyond the control of GGYC and as such we will not be held liable. Linking to any other site is at your sole risk and GGYC will not be responsible or liable for any damages in connection with said linking.



7.  Changes to our policy for Online Purposes

By purchasing an Online Membership, booking an online class, workshop or any other event online you are stating that you fully and voluntarily agree to said Terms and Conditions herein. It is important you read and fully comprehend the nature and consequences of agreement to these Terms and Conditions.


It may be necessary for us to review and revise these Terms and Conditions from time to time in light of advancement of technology. GGYC reserves the right to review and change these


terms and conditions at any time. If revised, changes will be posted on the GGYC range of websites and included in our newsletters.






By participating in any GGYC program I am accepting and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Golden Glow College as applied to my own program of choice reflected in the financial commitment. GGYC Online training trading and its subsequent Intellectual Property Rights over its subject matter and the duty to its clients has been addressed herein. Entering into an agreement for GGYC to provide services Online supersedes any understandings or agreements to the contrary, including any oral representations or other statements. The failure of Golden Glow Yoga College to enforce any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of any such provision or any other provision.



Terms and Conditions Summary for GGYC Yoga Teacher Training Participants only



The full Terms and Conditions for any Teacher Training Course are contained in the GGYC YTTC Contract. The additional specific terms and conditions under which service for Teacher Training will be provided and the student teacher will attend and participate in certain Golden Glow Yoga College teacher certification and training programs, are listed here for convenience. The entire Contract is available upon request.


I understand and agree that, in order to become a certified Golden Glow Yoga College Yoga teacher:


  1. I, the Student Teacher must attend, fully participate in, and successfully complete the certification course presented by GGYC. (“Golden Glow Yoga College Teacher Training Program”), as more fully described in the course description materials available in the GGYC Prospectus updated in July annually and on the GGYC website


  1. Whether I the Student Teacher has successfully completed the GGYC Yoga Teacher Training Program will be determined by Golden Glow Yoga College at their sole discretion, based on my demonstrated command of the skills necessary to teach Golden Glow Yoga College Yoga An independent Senior Instructor maybe appointed by The Board to examine.


3.I am entitled to apply for the Golden Glow Yoga Teacher Degree Program, which offers a 500-hour certification which, if passed, would qualify me as a Senior Certified Golden Glow Yoga College Yoga Teacher only after permission to do so has been given by the Board and accept this decision as final. The reasoning for any refusal of application will be explained in writing if required and opportunity to discuss this will be given. The decision of the Board is final.


4.I understand that all fees must be paid in full prior to attendance unless otherwise agreed. No student can graduate with fees outstanding. A Registration Fee is required to secure a place on a teacher training course and is refundable only in the event of the course being cancelled by GGYC for any reason. A place must first be offered to the student teacher before any Registration Fee is accepted.


The Teacher Training Contract as received by email will be required to be signed and returned within 14 days of receipt and the Registration Fee, in full or in part therefore of, paid as the intention to create legal relations.

  • When a graduate becomes a certified Golden Glow Yoga College Yoga teacher:
  1. They are entitled to teach yoga classes in the method and style taught in the Golden Glow Yoga College Yoga Teacher Training
  2. Graduates may refer to themselves as a “Certified Golden Glow Yoga College Yoga Teacher” and a Yoga Alliance International or Yoga Alliance Professional Qualified Teacher and as such we recommend, they ensure their personal insurance premium is valid if teaching to the public and understand it is recommended that they hold an emergency first aid certification and that it is in date.


In addition to the foregoing, I the Student Teacher understand and agree that:


  1. The policies and requirements of Golden Glow Yoga College set forth in this Agreement may be supplemented from time to time by the policies and requirements of facilities owned by parties other than Golden Glow Yoga College that may be used for the Golden Glow Yoga College Teacher Training Programs, and I agree to abide by all such third-party policies and requirements as a condition of my participation in such programs. Form March 2020 Online training has required additional Virtual course clarification which can be found


  1. All materials provided in connection with the Golden Glow Yoga College Yoga Teacher Training Program including without limitation, written or printed documents, photographs, audio and video recordings and software programs, and all copies and derivative works relating thereto (the “Golden Glow Yoga College Yoga Materials”), are and will remain the sole and exclusive property of Golden Glow Yoga


  1. I have the right to use the “Golden Glow Yoga College” (“Brand”) in connection with any product or merchandise only after approval by Golden Glow Yoga College


  1. I will, at my own expense, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Golden Glow Yoga College and its owners, directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives from and against any and all liabilities, claims, causes of action, suits, damages, including without limitation, suits for personal injury or death of third parties, and expenses, including reasonable Legal ‘ fees and expenses, for which Golden Glow Yoga College becomes liable, or may incur or be compelled to pay by reason of my activities or my breach of the terms of this


  1. I acknowledge the ownership of the Brand by Golden Glow Yoga College and agree that I will do nothing inconsistent with such ownership, and that all use of the Brand and all goodwill arising out of any use of it by me will inure solely to the benefit of Golden Glow Yoga College. I will not use any confusingly similar name or mark without the prior written approval of Golden Glow Yoga College. I acknowledge and understand that nothing in this Agreement gives me any right, title or interest in the Brand. The nature and quality of all services I perform in connection with the Brand will conform to Standards for Services Contract set forth in the Golden Glow Yoga College Teacher Training Mentoring Programs and as otherwise established from time to time by Golden Glow Yoga


  1. I am not, and will not hold myself out to be, an employee, subcontractor, representative or agent of Golden Glow Yoga College unless agreed in writing and nothing herein constitutes or implies the existence of a partnership, joint venture or grant of a franchise between me and Golden Glow Yoga Any rights granted to me hereunder are personal in nature and may not be transferred or assigned.


  1. This Agreement will terminate, and all rights granted to me hereby will automatically terminate, upon the first to occur of: (a) my failure to successfully complete the Golden Glow Yoga Teacher Training Program; (b) my failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement; (c) my use of the “Golden Glow Yoga College” name in any manner not expressly permitted by this Agreement or (d)


my failure to adhere to the standards established by Golden Glow Yoga College. Immediately upon the termination of this Agreement for any reason, I will return all Golden Glow Yoga College materials in my possession or control to Golden Glow Yoga College.


  • Golden Glow Yoga College does not accept credit for previous education, training, work experience (experimental learning) in another Yoga environment unless clearly agreed by the


  • Golden Glow Yoga College reserves the right to reschedule the program start date if


  • Golden Glow Yoga College Ltd reserves the right to discontinue the student’s training for unsatisfactory progress or failure to abide by College



Please contact for details.

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