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Om Shanti and Happy Easter to you all !

We are sure you'll agree, Easter is a fantastic time of year here in Ireland. We hope you are enjoying the good weather as it comes and goes. We are so happy to see this newsletter back up and running and a big thank you to Rose at GGYC Galway for getting it off the ground. Thanks also to Ruth O'Sullivan, Dora Suba, Miriam Good and Doireann Lynch in Cork for inspiring us and we now have a small team who will hopefully ebb and flow over the years and create three newsletters annually at Easter, in August for Autumn and December for Christmas. So keep an eye out for the latest news and events. Do please send any contributions to Head Office We hope you enjoy our submissions form Miriam and Brenda to get us started. 

As many of you know we have made some massive changes over the last  five years. Not always easy, it has allowed us to evolve and yet celebrate shining a light on a wider yogic path. We were so pleased at GGYC Galway to be awarded Best Contemporary Yoga School in Ireland 2018 by the Luxury Travel Guide. For those of you who may not know, we also meet  in Salthill just outside Galway city, as well as in Ballincollig in Cork to run our 200hr 300hr and 500hr programs for Yoga Teacher Training and we just love being  in both locations. We have the two summer Intensives coming up. Any teachers that haven't seen us for a while do know you are welcome to call to book as space ( Donation only ) and pop along for a friendly visit to meet us all. You are all always welcome. 

We also welcome Maria Kirby our 500hr YAI Teacher in Cork officially to the Senior  GGYC team. Maria has decided to extend her already successful studio in Main Street Youghal in Cork to include Golden Glow Yoga College. So Cork, once again is to have a Golden Glow Yoga Studio which will align with GGYC Galway. Maria has a massive range of classes to choose from. 
We are also delighted to have new classes in the Studio in GGYC Galway in Spiddal for our newly qualified teachers this summer with a view to having a fully established progrm ready for September. A  regular event of 5 week courses of  Transformational Yoga Classes in the Triskel Centre in Salthill Co Galway every Tuesday from 7- 8.30pm May 2019 €75. with our very our Fionnuala Doyle Wade a gifted Vinyasa Flow teacher. Do book your spaces now on

In Galway our dear Nani Reini 300hrs and the multi-talented Conor Graham 200hr continue to help support us. Sri Radha is in Dublin in May at rh RDS with Stephen and we are looking forward to a another great Mind Body Expo there. Collectively we are proud to see so many GGYC/ YAI teachers helping to encourage the Benefits of Yoga and Mediation to the Bigger Community and we are expecting to see more Golden Glow Yoga Studios with its 'Freedom to Choose' ethos, throughout Ireland over the next few years. 
Thanks to everyone for all the articles and information that was submitted for this newsletter, it is greatly welcomed and appreciated.
Dr Sri Radha Sharon O'Neill BCL Hons PhD Yoga
GGYC /YAI Ireland SriMa DIrector

Galway Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Courses June 4th -27th 2019 The Salthill Hotel.
Cork Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Course July 1st - 25th 2019 The Oriel House Hotel Ballincollig.

There are also limited  places available for our 300 Hour and 500hr Yoga Teacher Training. These follow the same calendar as 200hr trainings.
To be considered for a place please contact Sri Radha Sharon or read more on


GGYC /YAI IRELAND has jurisdiction over the entire island of Ireland. As we have more teachers training was decided a new layer of support for both Senior teachers Graduates and student teachers would benefit everyone. Therefore we introduce two new GGYC Area Co-ordinators from the current training groups.  The appointments of Brenda McDonagh for Connaught and Eddie Leahy for Munster have been most welcomed by our leadership and we encourage you to familiarise yourselves with them when they visit trainings. Four Area Co-Ordinators will be appointed in total to include the Leinster and Ulster.


Yoga straps and blocks are two items in the popular yoga realm which have until very recently scared me.  I didn’t understand them. I thought they belonged to those who created beautiful instagram images. The kind of sleek beauties who could wrap legs around their neck and declare themselves to be blissed out. At least I imagined they would know what to do with them. I know this sounds a bit daft,but simply put, I was just daunted. I was into touching my toes with a generous bend of the knees. We came from different worlds.  I had no idea what one might be doing with a strap and I decided as I had no gymnastic nor acrobatic training they were obviously not for me. I have the same reaction to the various machines you find in gyms, I don't know what to do with them and have never been brave enough to ask.

I had meandered into this yogic path and wandered in an unconscious way for some time. Pretty aimless, but enjoying the basic stretching and odd balance challenge. My first actual yoga instructions came in the form of two page photocopy of a version of  Sun Salutations, copied from a library book which my mum had borrowed and then felt inspired to send on to me. Likewise something in the simple routine attracted me and for some time that was my yoga. And that was grand. 

It wasn’t however until I began my teacher training with Golden Glow Yoga College, that I managed to clear up my misunderstanding of props and aides. These blocks are in fact precisely for students like me. For those moments when the earth is little too far away, the block will raise the floor level and allow you to ground. Allow you to grow. And although I agree it is stunning when someone can use them to elevate their handstand to a whole new height, they do in fact also serve this beautiful humble purpose. They allow us all to be yogis. Sitting on them may bring your knees that bit closer to earth as you develop your meditation seat. As for the strap! What joy in the tool which gives me a longer arm so I can actually achieve that stretch in my legs. Or what about strapping your legs together as you relax with them up a wall.It is one of the most refreshing asanas I will take away from this training. 

Working through many small injuries (dodgy knees, lower back pain,sciatica to name a few) I discovered blankets are not only for that cosy moment of relaxation at the end of class. For example when folded over and under my feet and knees as I sit in Hero’s pose the experience is suddenly turned into one of bliss. Rolled up they can prop your hips if they don’t quite make it to the ground in some of your seated work. Child’s pose with a cushion or blanket between your heels and bum, allowing for the connection, becomes a different and more deeply gentle experience.

Turns out, this practice of yoga is a gift. A gift to my future me,helping to ward off the stiffness of maturing,the creaking of bones. It is a gift to the present me,as I discover how to come into my body, into my skin more fully again and again on and off the mat. And it is a gift to the past me,as yoga is generous,forgiving and accepting of us all,exactly as we are. It does not matter what we have done, what neglect or simple indulgences we may be guilty of.

These aides are neither a sign of weakness or poor practice. They are simply tools which can be used in many ways to help us grow and achieve a little more. We are in constant change and our bodies will have different needs at different times. It is to simply acknowledge this fact and use them as and when we might need them. I now realise the props to be small acts of kindness and I love them for it.

Brenda McDonagh
GGYC Connaght Co-ordinator


Sri Radhas dear Guru Swami Vidyanand is visiting France from the 21st May 2019

Swami Vidyanand visits for a three day event on Tuesday  21st – 24th May 2019 at Aeroport Hotel in Mauguio Montpellier South of France. for the first European seminar of Yoga Alliance 
International. La France j'arrive!


Yoga is the practice of the self through the self,
to the self.

-The Bhagavad Gita
Bridget O'Brien GGYC Head Office Class Organizer is here to help you find a class that works for you. As a Teacher or a Student, the GGYC Spiddal Studio  is a super space to stretch with a sea view!   Contact Bridget on 085 7151321 
Maria Kirby is a qualified 500hr Diploma Hatha, Vinyasa &
Transformational Senior Yoga Teacher, studying under Dr Sri
Radha Sharon at Golden Glow Yoga College.  Maria studied
Yoga Tune Up Up under Ariel Kiely and Dagmar Khan and she
studied her Yin Mindfulness Levels 1 & 2 under Josh
Summers, also she completed her Hatha 200 hour training
with Dr. Paul Jerard of Aura Wellness.  Maria studied Pilates
with Profi-Fitness School and she also completed her Yoga
Shred Training with Sadie Nardini.
Maria is a member of the Yoga Alliance International and
Yoga Ireland and she brings a wide variety of classes to
Youghal.  Maria is a Registered Nurse and Massage Therapist
and Nutritional Therapist and Certified Dr. Vodder trained
Lymphatic Drainage Therapist.

Someone who is talking about meditating is not meditating : ) 
Meet Swami Vidyanand in  India with Sri Radha in January 2020
- A three week yoga program hosted by SriMA with guest teacher
Sri Radha Sharon at the YAI School in Auroville. Accommodation options available. Staying at the school or in the Tenderness Guest House Auroville Pondicherry. This will be a course of time with others and time alone to use as you please. The cost of the trip does not include flights but will include transfers, sole occupancy or twin room sharing options for  accommodation of a clean and safe nature, as well as vegetarian meals. Travellers will travel with Sri Radha from Dublin on the 6th January, remain in Chennai for 2 days to visit the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram of Heart of Yoga insight, the school of T.K.V. Desikachar son of the great sage Sri T. Krishnamachara and return on the 27th. Suitable for both 200hr Graduates and student teachers in training. Those attending will obtain the 300hr Certification level as a minimum. They will have opportunity to attend additional Mediation training with Swamji for 5 sessions included in the costs of Sri Radhas course.

Autumn Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Course in the Gran Canaria 
Come and join us in the Gran Canaria from 30th September until 24th October 2019 for our new Intensive Training course overseas. To be considered for a place please contact Sri Radha Sharon or read more on
 My dear yogi classmates :-)

Hard to believe that the end of this part our yoga journey is in sight. Time perhaps for some reflection. We have been climbing a high mountain together these last months. Each of us set out on our own individual quest maybe to explore, to grow, to heal or simply to enjoy.

That very first day we all introduced ourselves to the group and lay our trust in each other that we might be accepted just as we were. Our class has become our safe space to let go, to breathe, to simply be in this moment of time with our hearts desire to practise yoga.

Setting out to climb any mountain takes courage.There is always risk which can give rise to questioning. Will my body hold out? Do I have the focus of mind to endure? Will my spirit bring lightness to the task?. If the heart is strong it can overcome any fear. So we have discovered!

Full of eagerness at the outset we powered on, excited by the novelty of our surroundings. We took in the views, inhaled fresh air and felt exhilarated by the physical challenge. We had all the aspiration of high soaring eagles in blue sun filled skies. We embraced our half smiles. 

Then as Autumn gave way to Winter the reality of the undertaking dawned for many of us, the need to constantly take a step in the right direction. The beautiful views and excitement fading into the background a while as we watched instead our own feet take each step. The winter evenings or mornings of home solo asana practice. The warrior within needed waking.

It was during these times on our weekends together when another, in a more outward encompassing vision than ourselves, often reached in to take us from our own doubt. A touch, a smile, a kind word of encouragement or simply a presence. We found strength in each other when we could not find it in ourselves. It was enough to inspire and imbue our spirit to wake up again and feel lightness of heart. Our resolve renewed to finish the journey we first set out on.

Of course we did have an excellent sherpa, one who knew the hills and valleys of the trail all too well because she had crossed them a hundred times over. She knew how to keep us safe, navigate the way with the inner compass of her heart, intuition and wisdom mind. And she knew too the value of taking time for rest, stories and humour at intervals to lighten the weight and energise the soul.

And so we are almost there, the legs a little weary but soon we will feel the full reward of our efforts and cherish the memories we have of days spent in each others company. We have shared both laughter and tears. Our circle of OMs will reverberate in my heart for a long time to come. 

Easter is near and this celebration brings with it new beginning. I am watching and waiting for the cherry blossom in the garden to burst into bloom. I have talked to her all winter and soon as she always does she will embrace me in her pink softness. I am reminded of a poem.

Think of those flowers you plant
in the garden each year
they will teach you
that people too
must wilt
in order to bloom.
Rupi Kaur ( from The Sun and her Flowers )

Thank you all for your love, laughter, understanding and kindness. XX

Miriam Good, Cork
 Teach Pregnancy Yoga Courses at GGYC Headquarters this winter.   Classes due to begin in September 2019. We are looking for highly effective teachers to cover this role. 
A number of Pregnancy Yoga Teachers are required to teach these courses at GGYC going forward, as a specialist program. Please apply to GGYC Head Office Class Organizer Bridget at with details of your interest. The preparatory work will take place over the summer in June to prepare for the 2019/20 winter program.
Expected Class Program  
2nd September 2019 every Wednesday from 6.30pm-7.45pm. 5 week course Pregnancy Yoga classes- from 14 weeks of pregnancy. Gentle, toning, stretches. Restorative aspect. Breath awareness, Visualation and mindfulness techniques all to aid active birthing. Yoga in pregnancy will s
upport you and your baby's well-being during, and post pregnancy. 5 week courses costs €75.
A sponsored 108 Sun Salutations will be part of the  fun days out  over the summer in both Cork and Galway help raise funds.
Either do the whole 108 yourself or make it a partnered or team event. It's not a competition of course !
 Let's get together and practice Happy Yoga GGYC to celebrate the Summer Sunshine!  The events will be posted on Facebook. Do look us up and friend us there. Golden Glow Yoga College and YAI  Ireland. 


THE WORLD PEACE INITATIVE - As part of the Peace Revolution, The Venerable John Paramai is also visiting us in GGYC GALWAY in Spiddal on Tuesday May 28th from 6-8pm having had a very succesful eveing in UCC Cork. 
Booking online with for GGYC or Eventbrite for some other talks see below .€20. For more information see:


Our swimming yogis from the 2018 /19 Galway Teacher training course will hit the water at Salthill Beach on the promenade at @12.15pm on Saturday the 18th May 2019 to celebrate the end of exams and assessments. All welcome! 

Yoga on the Beach!  Barbeque optional

Our 'Golden Glow Yoga on the Beach' evening at Myrtleville Beach was an annual event in July, after the Intensive trainings in 2014-2015. A fun guided asana practice with Sri Radha Sharon began at 2pm and we shared a BBQ at Bunnyconnellans from €27 per head afterward. Everybody was welcome and it was well attended. Yoga as a gift or donation only, with Booking for the meal at 4pm was  locked down some days before. Planning was essential. We are suggesting  anyone might like to revise this as an idea. Any good beach for yoga will suffice. Keep you insurance up to date but we have no real concerns about donation only classes in Ireland at this time. It probably wont always be this way! Add on the idea of a meal with a nice restaurant nearby if its a group of people you know. .  Check the parking and the tides !
Check in with Bridget at GGYC HQ to see if we can help you create your own Golden Glow Yoga Beach event. Sri Radha hopes to teach on Spiddal beach and in the Circle of Life Garden over the summer. Look out for the mail bombs in good weather!
Sunny days please ! : ) 


GGYC Classes for Teens beginning in September 2019
(from 8-15 yrs )

Youngsters are welcome to GGYC classes from 8 years of age every Thursday from 5pm-6pm for € 10 per Class or 10 Classes for € 90.

Teens are also welcome to attend mainstream classes with their parents upon request.We also offer family private workshops at €70 per 90 minute session.


Transformational Yoga Classes are starting in the Triskel Centre in Salthill on Tuesday 7th May with Fionnuala Doyle Wade.

‘Transformational Yoga is a means to relax, clean and awaken all seven chakras through yogasana, pranayama, mantra and meditation’
Swami Vidyanand

5 week courses costs €75.
Book online

Week 1: 7th of May, focusing on the 5 Pranas (two handouts: invocation of light and the 5 Pranas)

Week 2: 14th of May, introduction to the round of Om’s, hand out of the nine obstacles as well as the transformational yoga systems chakra set  

Week 3: 21st of May, focus on Seed sounds, hand out of seed sounds.

Week 4: 28th of May, focus on Element Mantra and Asana handout of the element mantra

Week 5: 4th of June Wrap up week, and room to go cover extra bits include a Yoga Nidra


Cork MindBody Experience 13th-14th April 2019

Busy weekend for all in Cork at the Mind Body expo in City Hall. Yoga and Meditation classes and Talks and Workshops on the go. Maria Kirby hosted the transformation class to a full house. A worthwhile experience for all.

A special thanks to Stephen Mullens and Jacqueline of Serenity Escape for hosting these events  with us.
We also had a stand in Galway expo this year which saw  Sri Radha teach a packed class Transformational Yoga in the beautiful Promenade Suite at the Salthill Hotel in March. Stephen  200hrs also will be supporting in the Gran Canaria project this year..Massive Well Done ! to Maria Kriby for taking the Cork class and  also to Eddie our Munster Area Co-Coordinator, Louise O'Sullivan and Jenni O'Connor for their help on there help. 
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