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I’ve gone to different yoga classes over the years. I love these particular classes. Sri Radhas personality is just fantastic. A soft voice.
​It just works. She makes a huge difference. I hate to miss it. An hour and a half where i’m answerable to no- one. I float home.!

Mary Brady

Carrigaline November 2015

I discovered Sri Radha Sharon’s classes recently and i’m so glad i did. Fantastic experience. Sri Radha is a unique, supportive and encouraging teacher and you will leave every class feeling balanced, relaxed and grounded. Pop along and experience a class for yourself. Beginners and Improvers classes available. You’re just one class away from feeling amazing !

Don O'Leary

Cork April 2016

Sharon gave a great class and I felt great after it. Can’t wait until next week .Will definitely be recommending the classes to friends

What is Yoga?

An ancient system used by Ayurvedic Doctors in India to help keep people physically well and emotionally balanced. A system to help prevention of arthritic conditions, Digestive Disorders and Energy blocks, this remover of blocks addresses the human being in Body, Mind and Soul. A unity or yoke of the mind over the matter to help strengthen, increase flexibility and encourage a settled mind. Through combining postures, with movement and breathing techniques yoga works on many different levels. There is something for everyone whatever their personal creed.  Remember Yoga is not just for flexible people. Its a great health benefit, to encourage contentment and happiness and there have been dozens of scientific trials published on its ways of cleansing the bodies, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Psychically.

” Yoga is a complete science of life that origininated in India many thousands of years ago. It is the oldest system of personal developmnet in teh world emcompassing body, mind and spirit” Swami Sivananda

Dr Sri Radha Sharon

President and Founder of Yoga Alliance International Swami Vidyanand

Settle the minds with a super stretch that’s fun to do –
“That’s the first time i haven’t had stuff running through my head in about a year! I feel great ! “

Elizabeth Doody

Cork 2015

IBeginners Yoga

What to expect

If you’re new to yoga Link Slot Gacor or away from your mat for over six months these highly instructive beginner’s classes are for you.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels you will be taught the basic principles of yoga practice. You learn to create a calm and peaceful mind by emphasizing grounding, a strong stable core, breath awareness and simple meditation techniques.

Postures are broken down and taught carefully so that alignment can be understood before stringing these together to get a sense of a flow from posture to posture comfortably and steadily.

‘Growing a lotus’ is introduced at basic levels with some sitting meditations and Yoga Nidras. Become safety conscience and listen to the body to distinguish between pain and sensation! The Summer Virtual Yoga Classes begin from 26th Monday July for Mediation Classes morning and evening, Tuesday Evening has a Beginners Improvers Hatha and Gentle Flow Class at 7pm and Wednesdays will now be Restorative and Gentle Hatha Classes Morning and evening. Those of you who want to work a little harder can always just let us know and we will aim to pop a class on for you !

Improvers Yoga

What to expect

These levels of classes are open to students who have attended beginner’s classes and/or have been told by the teacher that they are ready to move along.

The flows and work of the beginner’s classes continue with even greater emphasis on focus. It is more refined work and builds upper body strength, enhances flexibility and improves stamina.

At GGYC we like inversions so we tend to teach them! Growing Head stands, free standing shoulder stands, one legged balancing poses and the more challenging backbends may be part of the practice and this continues in the intermediate/advanced classes.

Poses are held for a little longer than in beginners and may flow together or be broken down and examined as the curriculum allows. All six week courses have various pranayama (breathing) methods like Ujjayi breath, Viloma (staggered breath) Nadhi Shodana (Alternate nostril breathing) Kapalabhati (Breath of Fire).

Banda awareness is encouraged as well as meditations skills supported by both quiet time and guided means. All welcome.

Intermediate / Advanced Study Teacher Training Yoga

What to expect

​The intermediate to advanced student is being challenged by a stronger practice with some students aiming to become comfortable with free standing headstands and shoulder stands and arm balances. Keeping a peaceful mind and a soft face is our journey! We continue to develop awareness of ‘The Edge’ between challenge and unhealthy struggle as our body wisdom grows. We are resting our minds through movement into stillness.

‘Growing the lotus’ is practiced regularly and of course the joy of sitting meditations. We make no pre-requisites of ability and ask for tolerance of the abilities of others and ask students to work to your own level.

We also aid in the awareness and isolation of various muscle groups and deeper twists and back-bends. Philosophy discussion is openly encouraged.New Courses Sept 2019.

Philosophy lectures are available in workshops and Teacher Training Programs. The Sutras of Patanjali are the foundation of the ethos of GGYC with ongoing awareness of the original Samkyha school of spiritual science.

One to One Personal Yoga tuition – In Galway with Sri Radha Sharon and Cork with Maria Kirby



What to expect

Booked as a one on one session, Therapeutic Yoga is a particularly effective practice for those recovering from, or living with, injury or illness. Therapeutic Yoga blends restorative yoga (supported postures), gentle Hatha or Restorative yoga, breath work, even hands-on healing. Guided meditation and non judgemental listening ear techniques combined in such a way that it is an excellent choice for those who need something gentle yet effective for bringing the bodies of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Psychic Bodies back into balance and to help you heal yourself.


What to expect

A One to One lesson in yoga is a special experience and very different from a group class. The lesson is specifically designed to meet your own needs and maximize the benefits of yoga practice. You will receive a personal approach, helping you to develop your ability and if you are new to yoga and wish to increase your performance or confidence we will create a personal program for you. Each lesson is unique. For long term practitioners it can be a wonderful insight for increasing body awareness, increasing asana understanding using modifications and props as required.

Check out Marias Amazing Wellbeing Program in GGYC Cork in the beautiful and temperate Wellbeing and Yoga studio in Youghal in East Cork

Golden Glow Yoga College is based in Ireland. It was created to help teach happy Hatha, Transformational and Vinyasa Flow Yoga to an urban population. We help all ages keep fit in body, mind and soul. We run non-religious but wonderfully simple, spiritual programs.

All are very welcome!

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